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   The Kent Kidnap Queens

Have you always wanted to be abducted, arrested or ambushed by 2 beautiful and cruel women? 

This is your opportunity to participate in a real live kidnap and interrogation experience brought to you by Myself and Lady Godiva.

We 'grab' you from a pre-determined location and then conduct our cross examination and investigation.

A wonderful psychological and physical challenge for our captives.

Think you can handle 2 Femmes Fatales as we fuck with your mind and body?



Our experience is offered in Kent, UK 

We utilise a number of secluded outdoor spots as well as secure indoor spaces depending on the type of scenario you are seeking.


2hrs - £700

Half Day 4hrs - £1200

Full Day or Overnight - £2000

As with any appointment the more notice the better but particularly so with these bookings due to the coordination and planning that is required - same day is not impossible but highly unlikely.

All activities are within stated limits and boundaries.

Are You Ready?